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Hey everyone,

I want to first say thank you to all of the people and business that have come to call the BOX program, "An enjoyable part of their week." In our effort to expand the program, we have opened up delivery to all businesses in the upstate, to now include single box deliveries. This, however, does not come without cost. In an effort to continue to make available, the same quantity and quality, we will be adding a process and delivery fee to the boxes to help spread out some of the costs involved with this under taking. This is the way the new pricing structure will look:

1 Box delivered: $18.50/Box
2-10 Boxes Delivered: $17.25/Box
11-29 Boxes Delivered: $16.25/Box
30 or more Boxes Delivered: $15.00/Box

Our offer still stands, if you get 30 or more boxes, we will deliver them for free and we will give you a coordinator's BOX for free. This will allow us to prep for our Home Delivery which should start soon. Remember, pick up at Sportsclub and Marvin's Produce warehouse are still $15.00/Box as always. Thank you for making the BOX such a success.

Welcome to the Box's new website page. Feel free to look around, it won't take long, and check out the new things that we are getting ready to do with The Box.

Every two weeks, Marvin's Produce will hand-select an assortment* of our freshest, most tantalizing fruits and vegetables so you can create delicious, healthy, nutritious meals with minimal effort and expense. Items will change every two weeks and are selected according to local availability and season. Pick it up at our warehouse or have it delivered right to your office or business.**


*Contents of THE BOX are subject to change. Marvin's Produce holds the right to substitute products of equal or greater value based on condition, grade or availability changes that are beyond the control of Marvin's Produce or its purveyors.

**Delivery fees may apply. Please contact us for details Corporate BOX pricing available for orders of 30 or more. Currently serving: Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, Easley and Pickens.