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Hey everybody,

So let's talk:

Home Delivery:

Projections for home delivery is mid to late March. We will be charging a deliver fee, as is to be expected, but think we have come up with a solution that will encourage cooperating between neighbors or groups within a given area. A single processing fee of $2.50/order, as well as a $1.00/box delivery fee. Here is how we see it working:

Individual order to a single delivery point
1 Box @ $15.00 = 15.00
1 Processing Fee @ $2.50 = 2.50
1 Delivery Fee @ $1.00 = 1.00
Per Box Cost   $18.50 = Total Cost $18.50

Individual orders pooling to a single delivery point
3 Box @ $15.00 = 45.00
1 Processing Fee @ $2.50 = 2.50
3 Delivery Fee @ $1.00 = 3.00
Per Box Cost   $16.83* = Total Cost $50.50
*The box becomes cheaper/per unit as the processing fee is distributed between multiple boxes, delivered to a singular location.

We are still trying to determine how we are going to coordinate areas, this is still in concept and we are hoping to have it finalized soon so we can bring the Box straight to your door.

Welcome to the Box's new website page. Feel free to look around, it won't take long, and check out the new things that we are getting ready to do with The Box.

Every two weeks, Marvin's Produce will hand-select an assortment* of our freshest, most tantalizing fruits and vegetables so you can create delicious, healthy, nutritious meals with minimal effort and expense. Items will change every two weeks and are selected according to local availability and season. Pick it up at our warehouse or have it delivered right to your office or business.**


*Contents of THE BOX are subject to change. Marvin's Produce holds the right to substitute products of equal or greater value based on condition, grade or availability changes that are beyond the control of Marvin's Produce or its purveyors.

**Delivery fees may apply. Please contact us for details Corporate BOX pricing available for orders of 30 or more. Currently serving: Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, Easley and Pickens.